I grew up here, in an apartment over my family's restaurant, "Scully's," in the small town of Sparrowbush, New York, with my parents and four siblings. The restaurant is now gone, and, sadly, has been replaced by a parking lot for big yellow school buses. But it was a unique experience growing up, almost literally, in a restaurant.

My mother was trained as a nurse, and eventually I became a nurse and later a doctor. However, I found I wanted most to be a writer.

The talented and generous faculty and students at Vermont College of Fine Arts helped me to become a writer. My publications can be found by clicking on CV. Most recently, I am thrilled that my work will be part of an anthology of poetry for children due on in 2019 entitled, THANKU: POEMS OF GRATITUDE. It will be illustrated by Marlena Myles, an amazing artist. You can see her work at, (http://marlenamyl.es)